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Client & Colleague Testimonials

I was rear ended by a large SUV while completely stopped at a red light. Due to the high impact, I was forced to undergo shoulder surgery and neck surgery. After my neck surgery I developed CRPS in my right hand and arm. The CRPS left my right arm and hand weak and in constant pain. I was unable to return to my previous place of employment. I had been a certified automotive technician for over 24 years and am now unable to continue on the same career path. The day I called to inform the insurance company of the diagnosis, they told me they would not be paying for my neck surgery or the CRPS due to preexisting conditions. At the time of the collision I was a healthy 38 year old male, who had never had any health issues, I was in shock. I had been dealing with the insurance company myself up to this point. I was unable to support my family and I didn’t know what to do. My wife and I started looking for CRPS attorneys in Dallas. We were treated like family through the entire process. I was referred to top specialists in Dallas and received the best medical care available. The insurance company paid for all medical expenses, future medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to hire The Cochran Firm – Dallas. – Joe, former client

In 2012, I had what I thought was a very good plaintiff case, which involved the plaintiff suffering from RSD. At the time, I was not educated on the disease or what it involved. Bryan Pope came highly recommended. I would not have been able to prosecute the case or get my client the settlement and future medical treatment he has needed without Bryan. In addition to being an excellent lawyer, he also has the ability to make a client feel comfortable and understand the treatment and pain associated with RSD. – William, Dallas attorney

I had the opportunity to co-counsel with Bryan and his firm in a personal injury case where my client had suffered a significant and life-changing injury. Bryan took this case head-on and did a tremendous job in establishing liability in a tough case, and identified damages that otherwise could have been overlooked, including the existence of RSD, by enlisting some of the best experts anywhere in the country. I could not have been happier with Bryan’s work and dedication to our client and to his case. As a result of his expertise, we were able to settle the case for seven digits, and our client could not have been happier, nor could he ever have had a better result. To say the least, I certainly look forward to opportunities to work with Bryan in the future. – Chris Rhoads, Owensboro, KY, attorney