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The Cochran Firm – Dallas Case Results

A young man who was working on a construction site operating a freight elevator suffered a puncture wound on his leg when a subcontractor pallet jack operator negligently swung a piece of scaffolding into the elevator operator. After being treated for a seemingly minor injury, the man began experiencing severe burning pain that was disproportionate to the relatively minor puncture wound on his leg. The man was diagnosed with a severe case of CRPS/RSD and faced an uncertain future of massive medical bills and the probability of never returning to work. Our attorneys hired medical experts and helped the man receive the necessary treatment for his medical condition. A lawsuit was filed against the subcontractor company, and after extensive litigation and many depositions and court hearings,our attorneys were able to show that the pallet jack operator was poorly trained in how to operate the pallet jack. A Life Care Plan was developed which indicated that the man’s future medical needs, including a spinal cord stimulator and a pain pump, would cost well over one million dollars, and an economist placed the man’s future lost earnings in the high six figures. Ultimately, our attorneys were able to achieve a settlement for a significant confidential sum.

Traumatic Brain Injury
A worker was making a delivery of soft drinks to a grocery store. As he was using a pallet jack to place the pallets of product, a stack of large bottles of water fell on him landing on his neck and back and smashing his face and head into the pallet jack. An investigation revealed that the pallets of bottled water were improperly stacked by the store employee creating a dangerous condition that was essentially a ticking time bomb when the pallets would fail. The worker was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. A team of experts was hired to examine the worker and a damage model was created showing that he had cognitive deficits from the brain injury which caused a significant loss of future earning capacity as he was unable to return to the type of work he had been doing at the time of the injury. Our lawyers were able to achieve a significant six figure settlement which provided the worker and his family financial security after such a devastating injury.

A man visiting Dallas on a business trip at a well-known hotel was seriously injured in a slip and fall incident when he slipped on moisture droplets beside a mobile bar and fell to the ground with his legs doing the splits. After returning to his home state, he had emergency surgery to attempt to repair a torn hamstring that had been ripped off the pelvic bone due to the force of the fall. Unfortunately, the man began experiencing a burning pain in his leg and groin area that was eventually diagnosed as a severe case of CRPS/RSD. Eventually, the man received a spinal cord stimulator and was recommended for a pain pump. After a lawsuit was filed, our attorneys were able to take depositions which showed that there was notice to the hotel bartenders and staff that water was on the floor and it was not wiped up prior to the man’s slip and fall. The case was then settled for a significant confidential sum.

Trucking Accident
A 55 year old woman was driving down an access road coming home from work when a rock hauler 18 wheeler came off the highway at a high rate of speed and slammed into her vehicle causing it to smash into a rock culvert. The front end of her vehicle was crumpled and she suffered bilateral shattered ankles and legs. Even after multiple surgeries, she could no longer walk without assistance and significant pain. Our lawyers consulted with her doctors to create a future life care plan to treat her injuries. The case against the truck driver and his company was difficult because the police report placed fault on our client for failing to yield the right of way to the truck. Our lawyers were able to track down the eyewitnesses and through depositions and expert reconstruction of the accident, show that the police report was wrong and that the truck driver had actually struck our client’s vehicle from behind after he was speeding off the ramp. Our lawyers were able to obtain a significant six figure settlement for our client which gave her and her husband financial security to allow her time to recover from her injuries before attempting to return to the work force.

A young woman driving home from her job as a home health nurse was involved in a multi-vehicle accident due to icy roads. After she had got out of her vehicle and was seemingly out of harms way, an 18 wheeler traveling too fast for the icy conditions lost control and jackknifed down the median of the highway and ran her over. She almost lost her foot as it was nearly torn from her leg. The severity of the injury resulted in multiple surgeries. Unfortunately, she began to develop severe burning pain in her foot and lower leg. She was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD and began medical treatment, including nerve blocks and expensive medications. After filing a lawsuit, our attorneys were able to show that the truck driver was not trained how to drive in inclement winter weather and was traveling too fast for the icy conditions. The woman eventually had a spinal cord stimulator implanted to attempt to provide pain relief from the unrelenting burning pain. At the time of the accident, she was a nurse, but due to the severe and disabling CRPS/RSD, she was found to be permanently disabled. The case was ultimately settled for a significant confidential sum.

Car Accident / Insurance Dispute
A 48 year old woman was on a business trip with co-employees. She was riding in a rental car driven by a co-employee when the driver ran into a tree. The impact caused the woman to have a serious neck injury and a closed head injury. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and was unable to return to her job due to memory loss issues and loss of executive functioning. The main issue in the case was whether there was insurance coverage on the rental car. The car was rented using a company credit card, but the accident occurred while the employees were returning to their hotel from dinner, which potentially could have voided coverage if the employees were not in the course and scope of their employment at the time of the accident. Our attorneys uncovered corporate travel policy documents and cross-examined corporate representatives in depositions to prove that the employees were in the course and scope of their employment and thus covered by the corporate insurance policy at the time of the accident. Once coverage was established our lawyers were able to get this case settled for a significant seven figure amount.

Construction Accident
A 32 year old worker on a construction site for a rail line was buried alive when the trench he was working in collapsed and covered him with dirt and concrete debris. The rescuers were unable to reach the worker before he died due to loss of oxygen. He was survived by an 8 year old son. After extensive discovery and many depositions, our lawyers were able to prove that the construction crew violated numerous OSHA workplace safety standards which led to an unstable soil that was not properly secured. Our lawyers also discovered that the general contractor was aware of the subcontractor’s unsafe workplace practices, and did nothing to correct them or prevent the subcontractor from its continued unsafe work on the construction project. Ultimately, our lawyers were able to secure a significant settlement from various parties that resulted in financial security for the child for the rest of his life.

These recoveries are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family, or other individuals may say about what a case is worth, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law.