“We passionately believe that people who have been seriously
injured or have lost loved ones due to the negligent actions
of others deserve a voice.”

Premises Liability/RSD
Case tried in Georgia involving a scalded hand which developed RSD. Significant verdict Cobb County.Premises Liability/RSD
42 year old nurse falls in a fast food restaurant and fractures neck resulting in RSD in all four limbs.Elevator Accident
Woman developes RSD after getting her leg caught in an elevator.Automobile collision
Man seriously injured after a rental trailer comes loose and crosses median and hits his car.

School Hazing & Assault
Boys who were hazed and beaten at a boarding school.

Sexual Assault
Boys who were sexually assaulted by a pedophile at a private school.

Premises Liability
Sexual assault of a tenant at an apartment complex.

Defective Product – Vehicle Rollover 
Man brain damaged when vehicle he was driving rolled over.

Whistle Blower
Jailor fired by a West Texas Sheriff’s office for reporting a health hazard at the jail to authorities.

Wrongful death of 8 year old boy due to excessive corporal punishment.

Deceptive Trade Practices
Parents against a college preparatory school for misrepresentations and false advertising.

Premises Liability
Man brain damaged by a swinging door at the loading dock of a business.

Premises Liability – CRPS/RSD
Woman developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) in her foot and leg after tripping and falling over hidden hole in parking lot of her apartment complex.

Sexual Assault – Medical Negligence
Sexual assault in a psychiatric hospital.

Wrongful Discharge
Employee who was fired for refusing to commit insurance fraud.

Automobile Collision
Woman severely injured her arm when she was thrown from auto after driver suffered epileptic seizure.

Automobile Collision – Intoxicated Driver – CRPS/RSD
Woman in rear end collision by drunk driver resulting in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) in arm.

Legal Malpractice
Man whose lawyer failed to file answer to request for admissions, which resulted in a judgment against him on a contract dispute.

Premises Liability
Worker who suffered injury when man lift at shopping center malfunctioned and smashed into the ceiling.

Premises Liability – CRPS/RSD 
Man who punctured his foot on a protruding piece of metal from a bed frame at a motel, resulting in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) in both legs and bladder.

Motorcycle Collision
Man who suffered broken leg when automobile turned in front of his motorcycle.Automobile Collision
Man who was injured in rear end collision caused by driver for pizza chain who encouraged unsafe driving.Sexual Harassment
4 female school employees who were harassed by a co-employee in West Texas school.Premises Liability
80 year old woman who suffered a head injury when she fell off staircase when banister collapsed due to poor construction by homebuilder.

Automobile Collision
Woman who suffered a severe foot injury.

Automobile Collision
Family of woman killed by a teenage driver who hit her in a pedestrian crossing area.

Automobile Collision – Intoxicated Driver
Family of man killed by a drunk driver as he was walking his bicycle along the side of the road.

Automobile Collision
Family of a woman killed in collision after driver suffered diabetic episode.

Medical Negligence
Failure to properly treat a blood disorder.

Automobile – Truck Collision
Young man injured when semi-truck turned in front of him.

Automobile – Truck Collision
Young woman injured when semi-truck turned in front of her.

Discrimination – Wrongful Termination
Woman discriminated against then terminated after complaining about it.

Medical Negligence
Failure to diagnose and treat a heart attack.

Automobile Collision – Intoxicated Driver
Woman injured by an intoxicated driver.

Surgical Negligence
Surgical error during cardiac bypass surgery.

Medical Negligence
Failure to prevent a stroke.

Medical Negligence
failure to diagnose pneumonia.

Medical Negligence
Over prescribing medication.

Medical Negligence
Negligent use of a drug during cardiac catheterization.

Medical Negligence
Failurre to follow up MRA resulting in stroke.

Legal Malpractice
Against lawyer who filed medical malpractice claim and neglected to prosecute the claim, resulting in a dismissal for lack of prosecution.