Why a CRPS/RSD Claim Can be Hard to Prove

Although the pain suffered is extremely real to a sufferer of complex regional pain syndrome/reflex sympathetic dystrophy (CRPS/RSD), it can be very hard to prove, particularly in court.

Some of the difficulties that CRPS/RSD sufferers may encounter if they file a personal injury claim to recover damages include:

Lack of Understanding

CRPS/RSD is a poorly understood condition. When pursuing a personal injury case, it is very important to choose the right experts to examine the plaintiff and prepare a report regarding their condition. Such an expert:

  • Possesses a solid knowledge of CRPS/RSD.
  • Understand the immediate and long-term consequences of the condition.
  • Appreciate the ongoing medical care and medication needs that most CRPS/RSD patients have.

Delay in Diagnosis

Because CRPS/RSD is often caused by a relatively minor injury, many times the connection will not be made between the injury and CRPS/RSD until much later. When considering a claim for damages, the claim must be brought within a specific time frame relative to when the injury occurred, and this may be difficult to do when the injured person is unaware of the root cause of his pain, which is often revealed only after a lengthy diagnostic process involving multiple physicians and specialists.


There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding CRPS/RSD, even among the medical community, and a degree of stigma remains. Physicians will sometimes come to the conclusion that the symptoms can be attributed to another preexisting condition or decide that the individual is malingering, has psychological difficulties, or is vulnerable to develop the condition in some other way.

Choosing an attorney to handle your personal injury claim is always an important decision, particularly when you are suffering from an accident-related condition like CRPS/RSD. The attorneys at McLarty Pope  focus their practice on CRPS/RSD related claims, and will present your evidence in the best light possible to enable you to obtain maximum compensation for the painful damages you have suffered.


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